Vilya Polonskiy Soloist of the choir Vilya Polonskiy
(7 years old) is singing "Ein Kelokeynu"
by Himmelshtain.

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Russia's leading Jewish cappella choral ensemble...                      "In my opinion The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella, with which I sang, is the best professional Jewish Musical team in the World!" – Cantor Joseph Malovany, newspaper "Izvestiya", February, 7, 2001...                      "Miraculous music from Moscow choir" – The Manchester Jewish Telegraph...                      "A performance of rare inspiration" – Kultura Moscow...                      "A true event in the capital's cultural life" – Moscow Komsomolets...                     

The Moscow Male Jewish Cappella is a unique ensemble which performs Jewish liturgical and folk music on a classical and academic level. The Choir is remarkable for the amazing purity of its intonation and the availability of a large group of singers, each of whom is capable soloist in addition to being a member of the choir. Due to the fact that practically all the choir's members are graduates or students of the Moscow's top music school, the Choir has attained a professionalism that enables it to perform a wide range of not only Jewish liturgical and folk music but also classical choral works.

The Choir has performed Jewish liturgical music not only within the confines of synagogues for religious services, but in concert performed for the general public in the main concert halls of Russia and Europe. Jewish liturgical music continues to attract special attention, in part, this music, born in the beginning and middle of the 19th century in the countries of Eastern Europe and Western Russia, practically ceased to exist after the Russian Revolution in 1917, and only in the second half of the 20th century, has it been revived to any great extent. The music's originality, and unusual beauty and harmonies appeal to many. Today there are only a few Jewish choral ensembles in the world.

The Choir enjoys a reputation for being able to learn and performing compositions of any complexity in a short period of time, for instance, the very difficult Spiritual Dialogues, written by the contemporary Israeli composer Joseph Dorfman, which the Choir performed brilliantly during its tour of Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France and Austria in December 1995. The Choir is very mobile and compact, consisting of eighteen singers, two soloists, a conductor and the music director (a total of twenty-two persons).

The normal cost of a single concert in Europe by the Choir is 4500 - 7500 €, depending on many factors, including the anticipated size of the audience, transportation costs, and whether the choir is accommodated with families in the local Jewish communities or in hotels. We look forward to performing for you soon!