The Moscow Jewish Community Center in Marina Roscha

Synagogue in Marina Roscha

The Rabbi of the Synagogue is the Chief Rabbi of Russia, BERL LAZAR. For many centuries the land that was once known as the Russian Empire, then the Soviet Union and later the Commonwealth of Independent States, has been the home of a large Diaspora with its unique history and traditions. The contribution made by Russian Jews to both national and world culture is invaluable. Their heroic resistance to the most brutal oppression, which came along with endless political cataclysms of Russian reality, evokes admiration throughout the world. And all that, is based on the Faith of their ancestors transferred by word of mouth from generation to generation. On December 31, 1996, the Synagogue building was maliciously burnt. Thanks to the generous efforts of friends of the Community, a temporary building was constructed, while a new tremendous centre was erected on the site of the old building-the Jewish Community Centre in Marina Roscha. Tel-Aviv's Chief Architect Israel Godovich. with Gadi Halperin as interior designer, has designed this remarkable building. According to the artists' concept, its facade has been finished with Jerusalem stone, which was used to build the Western Wall, the Holiest place for the Jews. The construction was launched in September 1996 and in September 1998 the congregation gathered in the new synagogue, which is part of the new Community Center, to celebrate the New Year 5799 year since the Creation of the World, Since this, the congregation has gathered there on several other occasions, including holiday prayers and concerts. What is the Community Centre in Marina Roscha? It is 77,400 sq. ft. of superior halls and premises, including a synagogue, Russia's Rabbinate and the CIS Rabbinical Alliance, structures of the Federation of Jewish Communities of the CIS. On the ground floor, there are mikvas for men and women and various hobby clubs for people of all ages, including children of course. It also houses a library, as well as fitness centre, the premises for the World-renowned choir "Hasidic Cappella" and even a kosher restaurant. It will be a genuine home to every Jew. Everyone, old and young alike, will find something of interest here. The doors of this House will be wide open for all people - in time of joy and in time of doubts. Blessed be everyone who comes here with open heart and mind!