MI SHEBEYRACH - Track list
Cantor JOSEPH MALOVANY (USA), Cantor Boruch Finkelsteyn, Andrey Andrianov
The Moscow Male Jewish Choir "Hasidic Cappella", Conductor: Alexander Tsaliuk
Russian State Academic Symphony Orchestra, Conductor: Arnold Katz


01. Shalom Aleichem - Peace be upon you and welcome to the angels of peace, - Мир Вам Ангелы Служения. Traditional Shabbat Song

02. Psalm No.3, Hashem My Rabu Tzaraay - God! There are many enemies upon me. But You, 0' God, are my salvation, - Господи, как многочисленны враги мои. Н. Bogzester

03. Sim Shalom - Grant Peace, good and blessing to us and all Israel your people, - Даруй мир. М. Himmelstayn

04. Velirushalayim Ircho - And to Jerusalem your city, You, O' God, will return and dwell in it, - И вернешься в Город Твой, Иерусалим. В. Z. Shenker, M. Kusevitskiy, choral arr. J. Malovany

05. Eyn Kelokeynu - There is no one like our God, our King, our Salvation, - Нет Властелина, подобного Нашему. Zvi Talmon, arr. A. M.Himmelstayn

06. Moydim - We thank you, O' God, for your miracles, for our lives, for your mercy, - Благодарим мы Тебя. M. Vladovskiy, arr. J. Malovany

07. Yismehu - Those who observe the laws of Sabbath should rejoice with your kingdom, O' God, - Да возрадуются Царствованию Твоему. Yankel Talmud, arr. J. Malovany

08. Ki Lekach Toyv - For I give you good doctrine. Those who support Torah are like the tree of life. God! Return us to you. Renew our days like ancient time, - Наставление доброе дал Я Вам. A. Roytman-Rumshinskiy, arr. Martin White

09. Kadsheynu - Sanctify us with your commandments, O' Goa, - Освяти нас Заповедями Своими. Sol Zim

Cantor Joseph Malovany: ## 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 Cantor Boruh Finkelsteyn: ## 5, 8, 9 Andrey Andrianov: ## 3,9 Mikhail Segelman: piano, # 2


01. Im Eshkachech Yerushalaim - If I forget Thee, О Jerusalem, Let my right hand forget its cunning, - Если я забуду тебя, Иерусалим, - пусть отсохнет моя правая рука. Ch. Kirsch - J. Malovany, orch. Noam Sheriff

02. Mimkoymha - God, You will appear from your Place. You will be Holy and Great in Jerusalem, Your City - Боже, Ты явишь нам Свой лик. Yankel Talmud, arr. and orch. J. Malovany

03. Vahavieynu - Bring us to Zion-Jerusalem, Your city, with happiness, - Привези нас на Сион в Иерусалиме, городе Твоем, в радости. Rabbi of Modzitz Hasidim in Poland, orch. G. L. Williams

04. Vehaya Beaharit Hayamim - In the end of the days God will dwell in Jerusalem. All the nations will come to pray to Him there, - И в конце концов Господь воцарится в Иерусалиме. И все народы придут туда, молится ему. P. Yasinovskiy, orch. Noam Sheriff

05. Ten Shabbat Veten Shalom - Give Shabbat and give Peace in Jerusalem, - Даруй Шабат и мир Иерусалиму. D. Zeltzer, orch. J. Malovany

06. Ani Ma'amin -1 believe in the coming of the Messiah, - Верую. L. Miller, orch. Noam Sheriff

07. Etzel Hakotel - At the Western Wall in Jerusalem, - У Западной Стены Плача в Иерусалиме. Folklore tune, orch. G. L. Williams

08. Avinu Shebashamayim - Our Father is in Heaven, give peace to Israel, it's leaders and people, - Наш Отец на небесах. Sh. Rabits, orch. G. L. Williams

09. Sim Shalom - Grant Peace, good and blessing to us and all Israel your people, - Даруй Мир. A. Nadel, orch. J. Malovany

10. Moyshele Mayn Frayndt - Moses, my friend, - Мойшеле, мой друг. Yiddish song, text and music by Mordehay Gebirtig, orch. J. Malovany

11. Simhu Et Yerushalayim - Rejoice with Jerusalem, - Возрадуйся в Иерусалиме. Old Jerusalem melody, orch. G. L. Williams